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The TOPURE Group is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia ,is the member of AUSTRALIAN WATER ASSOCIATION. TOPURE focuses on the membrane products development, production and application, as well as the environmental protection water treatment engineering design, development and sales service. The TOPURE Group has advanced membrane technology and its application experience in the field of water treatment. TOPURE UF and EDI membrane products have been widely used in municipal water treatment, water reuse, wastewater treatment and industrial water industries. TOPURE has a large number of patents on membrane water treatment technology granted in Australia and China(Patent NO. in Australia,2014101290,2014100815,Patent NO. in China, ZL201320148650.1,ZL201320145219.1,ZL201320103016.6,ZL201420696222.7,ZL201420830247.1,ZL201420798092.8,ZL201520791261.X,ZL201530061104.9,ZL201530060951.3,and so on). The TOPURE Group is willing to share the technology with the global customers, and always strive to be our customers’ first choice for the best value filtration by offering Excellent Quality, Best Service and Innovative Solutions.